Topic Exploring

This tool searches for entered words on the web (at the time of this writing using only Wikipedia) and will let you see found content for entered topic. Additionally the tool is showing links to Wikipedia pages that are related to inputted word terms. This tool is helpful for discovering new content or ideas when you create some content or building the plan for article or research. The Topic Exploring tool is located at this link

In the guide below will be shown how to use the tool.
1. Enter some search words in the top left box where is the note “Enter text here and then press “ENTER”…”. In our example we will enter “Data Analysis”. After entering words press “Enter”. Below is example of view that you will see.
topic exploring 1
2. On the right side in the top box the tool is showing found content that is matching to inputted text string. Below the tool is giving pull down menu with the links to related content. Once the option from this menu is selected, new page corresponding to selected option, will be opened in new browser tab.
3. On left side there is the note box where you can put anything that you found interesting or useful while browsing through the content delivered by this tool.
Using the tool allows do quick exploring different content related to some topic and to find easy new ideas or content. Please try it and let us what do you think about tool. Any comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome. The tool is located here.