Machine Learning Algorithms Online

Due to the availability of data, and to a lesser extent the availability of compute power machine learning and its applications are experiencing an explosive growth. [1] This growth results in many new or improved algorithms and computer programs available over the web.

To help with getting familiar with machine learning algorithms the website Online Machine Learning Algorithms was created. On this website you can enter the data, choose the algorithm (model) and run it. You can play with different input parameters or different input datasets. Running algorithms will be helpful to understand how machine learning algorithms are working.

Please feel free to add any comments, questions, suggestions or requests for adding new features.

1. Quora – Why are we experiencing such an explosive growth of machine learning and its applications today even though the space exists for more than 3-4 decades ?

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  1. Whenever I try to run one of the algorithms on ML Sandbox and I go to view the run results, it takes me to a page that doesn’t show anything except the type of the model and “Refresh the screen if you do not see output” even after I refresh the page. Any recommendations?

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