Selected Machine Learning and NLP Resources

A Comprehensive Guide to Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

Aspect-based sentiment analysis is advanced text analysis technique, which helps you get the most out of your data. Tutorial how to do it with MonkeyLearn.

GitHub - songyouwei/ABSA-PyTorch: Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis, PyTorch Implementations.

Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis, PyTorch Implementations

GitHub - soujanyaporia/aspect-extraction: Aspect extraction from product reviews - window-CNN+maxpool+CRF, BiLSTM+CRF, MLP+CRF

Aspect extraction from product reviews - window-CNN+maxpool+CRF, BiLSTM+CRF, MLP+CRF - soujanyaporia/aspect-extraction

Python for NLP: Sentiment Analysis with Scikit-Learn

In this article, the author explored vocabulary and phrase matching using the spaCy library. This tutorial is showing how to create rule based and phrase based matching

Vertabelo Academy Blog | Customer Churn Prediction with Python

In this article machine learning is applied for customer churn prediction problem. The Kaggle dataset with 14 columns (some of them are categorical) is used. Random Forest algorithm was selected as machine learning approach for customer churn problem.

Text Classification using Algorithms – Chatbots Life

The article is showing inner workings of Multinomial Naive Bayes algorithm that is used for chatbot. You can find also links to articles that are covering some others algorithms.

Building a Simple Chatbot from Scratch in Python (using NLTK)

Here you will learn anatomy of chatbot and different approaches used to build chatbots. Also machine learning techniques such as TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity is covered to show how to implement chatbot with python

Using NLP to Automate Customer Support, Part Two

NLP model that can assist customer support agents by suggesting previously-asked, similar questions. Universal sentence encoder (USE) from tfhub is used.

How to Build Your First Chatbot – Bot Tutorials

Tutorial how to build a simple chatbot using attention, RNN, python and TensorFlow

How to Build an Easy, Quick and Essentially Useless Chatbot Using Your Own Text Messages

The post is showing how to build chatbot using machine learning techniques such as Elasticsearch (basically TF-IDF) , Doc2Vec .

A Google Brain Program Is Learning How to Program – SyncedReview – Medium

Using machine learning to create programs that can automatically write or modify programming code

Keyword Extraction with TF-IDF and Python , Scikit-Learn - Full Working Example

Full working example how to use TF-IDF and scikit-learn to extract important keywords from documents. Stack Overflow dataset

Learn how to Build a Chatbot in Minutes using Rasa

Tutorial how to build RASA Chatbot that can detect user intent and respond to user. Very comprehensive guide.

Build Your First Chatbot Using Python

The author explained how to build chatbot using Chat. This is a class that has all the logic that can be used by the chatbot.