How to Run Online Machine Learning Algorithms Tool

In this post we will look at how to run Online Machine Learning Algorithms from this website. This service is the free tool that allows to run some algorithms without coding or installing software modules.

We will use example for classification iris data set with neural network. This example is described in Iris Plant Classification Using Neural Network – Online Experiments with Normalization and Other Parameters

Below are the steps how to use online Machine Learning Algorithms tool:

1. Access the link Online Machine Learning Algorithms with feed-forward neural network selected: Online Machine Learning Algorithms tool for classification of iris data set with feed-forward neural network. If you want to change algorithm or no algorithm is shown in pull down menu select the needed algorithm. In our example we use Feedforward Neural Network (GD).
Click Load parameters for this model.

2. Input the data that you want to run. In our case it is iris data sets for training and testing, learning rate and number of neurons in hidden layer. On screenshot below you can see normalized data set is loaded.

3. Click Run now.

4. Click results link.

5. Click Refresh Page button on this new page , you maybe will need click few times untill data output show up. Usually it takes less than 1 min, but it will depend how much data you need to process.
Scroll to the bottom page to see calculations.

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