Goal Tracking Software

In this post we will look at goal tracking software. Some is free, some is not, some is available online as the web service for free or small monthly fee and some needs to be downloaded and installed. The review can help to choose right tool for your goal setting needs.

1. GoalEnforcer – Visual Goal Setting Software helps to develop your ideas, track your tasks, start planning immediately , boost your productivity, visualize your goals and accomplish more. GoalEnforcer software can be downloaded for Windows and MAC OS. The download includes goal setting tutorial. There are several levels with different prices and features. This software can be applied to many goal setting related tasks such as project management , To Do list, task list, task manager, checklist, planner, brainstorming and many more.

2. Joes Goals – is a simple online tool to keep track of goals. It is 100% free. No download is required. It can be shared with your friends, have as many goals as you want, show track of your progress by using daily score, track your successes and failures through logbook.

3. 101 SMART goals – is a free online goal setting and goal tracking tool which helps to set goals, track or focus on goals.

4. Google calendar – is online free tool provided from Google. Several posts on the web describe how to use Google calendar for goal tracking purposes. Google Calendar as a To Do List & Task Management App Goal Setting Using Google Calendar How to use Google Tasks in Calendar

5. Weekly planner is online web service. The creation of it was inspired by the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. WEEK PLAN helps thousands of users be more effective. There is also opportunity to create application on top of week plan software using API

Thus there many different tools with different features and functionality and we looked at some of them at this post.

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