Your Life Path Number Can Discover Your Destiny

Your life path number is the most important number in your numerology charts and is the only number that will never change. Based upon your birth date, your life path number provides insight into the foundations of your character.
Those born with the life path number one are the world’s natural leaders. Ones are driven and ambitious; they dream big and can usually be counted on to achieve their goals. Ones can be bossy and overbearing in some situations.
Life path number two is associated with peacemaking. Twos can’t bear conflict; they’ll go out of their way to mediate problems between friends and loved ones. Twos are excellent listeners but may suffer from anxiety or indecision when placed in competitive environments.
If you’re born under the number three, you’re probably happiest when engaging in creative pursuits. Threes are artists. They love self-expression in the form of music, visual arts, or literature. Threes don’t thrive under restrictive conditions, though, so avoid jobs that involve strict routines.
People born with life path number four are drawn to careers where they can organize or build things. They need very structured, regimented environments in order to be happy. Fours make good architects, engineers, or programmers. They don’t work well with people who are very expressive with their emotions.
The life path number five is most closely associated with idealism. Fives need to feel like they are making the world a better place. You’ll often find fives working for non-profits or political campaigns. Unfortunately, fives can also be impractical and noncommittal.
Those born with life path number six are most fulfilled in nurturing positions. Sixes will probably be most happy as parents. They thrive in caretaker positions like medicine or education. Unfortunately, this need to nurture makes it hard for sixes to say no to other people’s demands.
Life path number seven is tied to investigation and analysis. Sevens are natural observers of life and they make excellent detectives and scientists. Most sevens are introverts and don’t care for public speaking. People born under life path number eight are life’s managers. They are happiest when directing others.
Eights are usually organized and good at mediation. They sometimes have a tendency to become overbearing. Those born under life path number nine are best known for their charisma.
Nines make excellent actors or politicians and they usually have vast social networks. Sometimes, nines can be manipulative.

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